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 Pepe and the Bandits


Pepe is a singer/songwriter from the UK.


After helping a friend move he found a very beat up and old guitar in a skip with no strings on, he claimed this magical guitar, restored it, restrung it, got some lessons and the rest is history.


Pepe also plays Piano, he looked for many years in lots of different skips but to no avail, so he had to buy one.

Influenced by Mason Jennings, Lemon Jelly and the Flaming Lips he produces and writes catchy songs that are easy on the ear, with good strong meaningful lyrics. 

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Alt Indie, Alt Country, Alternative, EDM, Trance


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Many years ago Pepe whilst doing some selfless charity work overseas he was kidnapped by the Cartel whilst hiking in the Mexican rainforest, forced to play songs for them for many years, until his fingers bled, malnourished and desolate with little hope. A local Mariachi band, (who later went on to become the Bandits) performed a daring prison heist and smuggled themselves and Pepe out of Mexico.

Unfortunately, this is pure fabrication and the truth is far less exciting.

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